What a performance! So simple yet so complete. Well played! And even better performed.

Anouk flew us into the finals of the Eurovision contest. 

Of course I would have LOVED to have seen her on stage with the stunning Bird Nest necklace, or any other piece, by the Malmö based Swedish jewelry designer, ByBillgren. But her choice to keep it clean and black, is respected.

When I read the VOGUE NL article online today, which zoomed in on what she was wearing yesterday, my hope that she might wear the necklace Saturday...was crushed instantly. The article ended with...'Saturday she will wear the same outfit'.

Anyway, still I want to offer you, as northbound follower, something 'with love from the nordics'

Until Saturday, until the end of the Eurovision Song contest...FREE SHIPPING on all pieces by ByBillgren.

...because ByBillgren makes one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces which are elegant with a raw edge...and because he is from Malmö. And, because he's NEW in The Netherlands. Get it at the first shop in NL: northbound!

Check out the all of his pieces in our webshop. YOUR DISCOUNT CODE IS: ByBillgren

The Swedish designer Johan Billgren, based in Malmö, creates unique jewellery with raw and worn design that gives the ultimate and trendy feeling. The mix of brass, leather and Swarovski crystals with inspiration and impressions from different parts of the world combined with exiting adventures, gives expressions to the jewellery.

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