after a few years we thought it was time for a fresh start, with a new logo and style. we hope you like it as much as we do!

of course we still be Northbound store but with a new twist and products from more of our new nordic friends. Feel free to check the site and if you have questions you can contact us at hello@northboundstore.com.

and you know, we do it all..



Get your Handy Cow from Norway with discount!!

The Handy Cow is one of our favorites @northboundstore. A candy like wrist clutch to accompany you to any place, any time!

And we just love the baggies by Karianne Saether, a lovely bag-designer from Oslo, Norway. Her brand name: MOO... Her story is honest and beautiful, just as her designs. Her quest was to design stunning bags to last you a lifetime. The leather had to be of the best quality and more important...with a good and happy story. The cows had to have had good conditions and a life story.

Karianne works together with a family business just outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Awesome leather, great crafmenship and the best accessories. In the meantime the search goes on to get the best leather production, also closer to home. She is active just outside Istanbul and currently investigating the Spanish leather market.

We will sell more bags in our concept store this Fall and Winter. We will try to put some online, but they're exclusive...so if you have the chance, come and feel, smell and try them in our store! You can find us next to the Train Station in The Hague (NL).

Introducing...from Norway: MOO!

The brands @ northbound are never dull, normal or highly commercial...No, they're authentic, honest companies driven by inspirational designers who are dead serious about their work, but with a big unpretentious fun factor.

So, let's meet Karianne! The designer of MOO Norway. Karianne didn't just want to design bags. She fell in love with leather first. And remembering how she always got annoyed not being able to find a nice laptop bag, she decided to combine her love for leather and her quest to make herself a laptop bag. Sounds simple, but it's been a journey! In Argentina she knew she would find the best leather, but to find the quality, the honest craftsmanship and the specific softness and sturdy look of the leather...that didn't just happen overnight.

But, here she is know! 8 years in the business. Creating the most beautiful and fun designs of stunning quality. MOO bags will grow old with you, becoming more beautiful every year. 

And, important for us, it's an honest product. Hand made, dyed with vegetable tannins and made of leather from happy cows! Karianne likes to emphazise that. She has personalized some of the cows. Carmen, Angelica, Carlos...they're not shy to tell their story. Come and see them in our Pop-Up store! Also, the bags all refer to something Cowy: the Sassy Cow, the Quick Fix Cow. FUN!

April 26, 2013 — Mila Kluen