Summer pearls!

A pearl is something you can't and shouldn't resist this Summer! They're such elegant pieces to give that extra shine to your Summer outfit. A subtle but catchy shine. We love it. And so did two of our favorite Danish Jewelry designers. 

Check out Pernille Corydon's Southern Sea collection: 

And Louise Kragh's pearl collection. 

Of course there's so much more in their collections that will make you shine this Summer, but just keep in mind...The girl with the Pearl Earring...wrote history...!

Brew your own beer...

We just read that the local breweries are getting more popular! Well, we've found you the real local brewery: the Beer Foamer! 

Designed by NORM Copenhagen for Menu Denmark. And what a pratical beauty it is. The design is inspired by the original shape of the Beer brewer kettle. Awesome! A copper brewery with a battery driven foamer! It enhances the aroma, the taste and the feel. How super clever. 

This Beer Foamer is excellent to add to your wine & dine collection. And what about giving this gadget as a for Father's Day...??

Check out the Beer Foamer on our webshop, just click here


Northbound at Home!!

Just a year after settling up our concept store in New Babylon Shopping Center, we opened a second northbound store!! This time, our focus is on Interior Design! 

Lots of cooooool stuff for in your home, kitchen to bathroom...! We have wonderful new designs by Menu, Denmark. And, we keep our best sellers of Addinterior (Denmark), KORBO (Sweden), Northern Lighting (Norway) and LindDNA (Denmark).

Just follow us on Facebook to see what's NEW, COMING or GOING!



Rain shoes this SUMMER?!

Yes...why not! They're perfect for the Summer showers and those muddy festival puddles or slippery sidewalks. 

And, after a 'sold-out' we've re-ordered some LAST PAIRS!! Check 'm out on this webshop!

Click here

These funky rain boots are designed by the Swedish Finnish shoe designer Julia Lundsten and made by the traditional Finnish rubber boot brand Nokian. A great high-quality fashion statement. At the festival, you'll be ultimately prepared for all weather types...and, more importantly, you'll look awesome!

Julia Lundsten is based in London and runs the high end shoe label FINSK shoes. She won the Manolo Blahnik award and her shoes are worn by Lady Gaga and Rihanna. By working together with the traditional Finnish rubber boot makers (who have done so for over a century) she is able to combine her progressive shoe design with true craftsmanship! And the result is a practical, fun and very trendy boot that withstands all kinds of weather...let's go outside!

Organic Cotton in the spotlight

At northbound store we've been selling The Baand's organic Tee's and winter knits since our opening, last year...! The cotton is absolutely of the highest quality! Soft and strong! The knits...of baby Alpaca wool...are amazing, so soft.

Let us tell you a bit more about the philosophy behind this awesome Danish brand, The Baand.

The Baand was founded in 2009 by Designer, Julie Villumsen & Textile Purchaser, Stine Bauer Boskov. Both had been working in fashion for a while, but it was not until a trip to Lima that they had ever felt such a fantastic softness and high quality of cotton.

And there came the idea of real fair fashion basics. Those favorite pieces in your wardrobe that always save the day and make you look your best!

That's why The Baand started to call their shirts, cardigans, pants, skirts...their Everyday Heroes!

The Baand is deadly serious and dedicated to a perfect fit, unique craftsmanship and attention to every detail. Furthermore, they don't like the idea of consuming without thinking. Don´t like to throw things away. That's why The Baand decided to create clothes that stand the test of time, and just get better and better the more you wear them!

The Peruvian organic cotton that they use in their products, is among the world´s absolute finest. The quality is amazing. The fibers are extremely long and therefore super soft and strong at the same time. Which basically means, that their clothes last for years and really can become true favorites in your wardrobe.

In Peru, just outside Lima, The Baand has the Tee's produced in a small factory where they also produce in a fair way! No waste of fabrics, vegetable dye to color the fabrics and no child labor. This is what The Baand shared on their Facebook, just before traveling to Lima this month.

"These 6 girls are the ones who have sewn our SS14 garments in Lima. They used to be homeless but now they all live across the street from the workshop who has given them a job and taught them how to sew! The girl in the striped tee is Ruth, the girl in black is Carmen - we are going to meet them in April when we travel to Peru!"



Since 2014, The Baand also has Tee's produced in a small factory in Portugal. Also of great 100% organic cotton or beautiful soft 100% linen.

Have a look at all the Tee's by The Baand on northbound's webshop, click here


Last but not least, spotted on Dutch Television, presenter Froukje de Both wearing The Baand's "Ganesa" oversize T-shirt in vintage washed color "porto stella"! (click here to see the shirt in our webshop!)

Awesome knitting for the Summer!!

Last year we started selling some first pieces of the exclusive Danish knitwear brand, Iben Høj. I met designer Iben Høj during the Summer Fashion Fair in Copenhagen, and she was without a doubt the most unique and authentic designer at the Fair. Awesome knitted pieces, not many (but stunning!), were displayed at her simple yet most elegant stand. It was love at first sight.

And, since I've had her designs in the shop, it's not the most easiest collection to sell, but...when someone falls in love with the refined design and the fine texture of the exclusive's irresistible. And, I love selling it. Someone takes home a super exclusive and authentic piece. And yes, designed and made with LOTS of love from the nordics. 

Just to get you better acquainted with Iben, click here for her story and the stunning pieces we sell in the webshop. Of course you are also welcome in our concept store in The Hague (NL), if you happen to be in the neighborhood...:) 

northbound in the media

In love with...New Babylon

northbound has a new 'live' concept store in The Hague. And we're proud! A great shop, with great designers and brands, great response by our shoppers on our concept... #withlovefromthenordics. And, more important, a great location: New Babylon Shopping Mall.

New Babylon Shopping Mall used to be, already quite some years ago, Babylon shopping center. Brownly outdated and playin' the a boosting new millennium. So, smartly, the Municipality and developers made new was the limit. 

Hence, in the midst of the crisis, a super modern Shopping Mall has arisen, as well as two amazing towers with exclusive apartments. City Livin'!! A daring project, with courageous and enthusiastic entrepreneurs that want to make living&working&shopping more of an experience...innovative, high service, sustainable and of the best quality. 

New Babylon and the shops work closely together to make the shopping experience a success in the Mall. Customers deserve more and get more at New Babylon. 

Of course, @ northbound concept store, you always get more. Great brands, with beautiful stories about the philosophy of the designer, the production, the materials. An ongoing mission to get the best, unique and fun products together...with love from the nordics.


If you are ever in the neighborhood, in The Hague: come visit northbound concept store @ New Babylon Shopping Mall.

We're situated next to Central Station of The Hague. Really, it's closer than you think! Ask us all about our brands: we offer you great story telling, slow shopping and a whole new nordic experience.

Welcome! If you can't make it, check out our webshop whenever, and follow us on Facebook...!






November 03, 2013 — Mila Kluen

Opening soon...northbound's Concept Store

Next week northbound will open up its first concept store in New Babylon Shopping Mall, The Hague.

It's happening (slogan New Babylon)...on the 19th of September!

We're filling up the webshop this week and next week...which will give an almost complete overview of what we have to offer in the concept store (of course we offer even more products and brands in our store).

Mormor, our viking granny, is introducing and watching over all the new stuff. with love from the nordics...

If you live close, or planning a city trip to The Hague (NL), you have to stop by and see all the products 'live'! We'd love to tell you more about them, they're all special, exclusive brands with their own philosophy. Brands that are completely organic, or recycle leather for their products. Or brands that stand for honest and high quality craftsmanship in their production. 

And the designs are always fresh, fine and a lot of fun! Unpretentious! 

We hope to welcome you in our new concept store, where coolness comes with a glow...

Find us at New Babylon Shopping Mall

northbound store

Anna van Buerenplein 4

2595 DA The Hague

The Netherlands

Follow us on Facebook!

September 12, 2013 — Mila Kluen