after a few years we thought it was time for a fresh start, with a new logo and style. we hope you like it as much as we do!

of course we still be Northbound store but with a new twist and products from more of our new nordic friends. Feel free to check the site and if you have questions you can contact us at hello@northboundstore.com.

and you know, we do it all..



Summer pearls!

A pearl is something you can't and shouldn't resist this Summer! They're such elegant pieces to give that extra shine to your Summer outfit. A subtle but catchy shine. We love it. And so did two of our favorite Danish Jewelry designers. 

Check out Pernille Corydon's Southern Sea collection: 

And Louise Kragh's pearl collection. 

Of course there's so much more in their collections that will make you shine this Summer, but just keep in mind...The girl with the Pearl Earring...wrote history...!

northbound in the media

Mother's Day...some nordic suggestions!

So, mother's day is approaching. Of course northbound store sells lots of lovely stuff for moms! Great jewelry by Pernille Corydon, lovely wallets by MOO Norway, wonderful (organic) fashion basics by The Baand or Chill Norway...and what about the watches and shades by TRIWA?!

Getting dizzy...not my intention! 

So let's focus on some bigger elements in life...interior stuff! Do you want me to sum it up, or should I just leave you to take a look yourself! If you click here, you'll see all our lovely interior designer stuff from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

But, let me put this special interior accessory brand in the spotlight, KORBO baskets from Sweden!

KORBO makes sturdy design baskets out of steel wire. And just one (long) wire per basket!

The baskets have already been used for decades by fishermen in Sweden. A basket that can withstand all kinds of weather   conditions...wind, rain, snow...

And now...today...to withstand all your clutter, washing, empty bottles, fire wood or fresh apples from the garden...

Please check out our webshop for further info! All shapes and sizes are listed there. 

And check out the accessories like the inner bottom plate or the planting bag. 

Soon to be added: the laundry bag and useful basket hanger!

May 10, 2013 — Mila Kluen