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Bread & Boxers - and a Boy Band...

Ok, so I'm heading straight to my 40's, but totally guilty of a teen age stunt...Encouraged by the 16-year old daughter of my boyfriend, I went on a fan-hunting-mission (with her, of course) to spot...Harry Styles of One Direction. Not bad-looking, I must admit...:)

Anyway, we heard Harry was staying in our home-town, The Hague. We found out which hotel he was staying. Next morning, we hopped on our bicycles...chicks on a mission! Twin-sister, yes also 16, came along. The more, the merrier...

Sunshine and not too many fans around, perfect. AND, we had a great gift. Taken from the northbound store. A nice pair of black boxers, by the Swedish brand, Bread & Boxers. "To Harry...", she wrote. All she could think of next was leaving her twitter name. 


Our reward came the next day. Her twitter account is now followed by Harry Styles and...he gave us proof he received the boxers personally. See his tweet here below.

And when she called me to inform me about this tweet...yes, I felt 16 again...jumping, screaming...Perhaps too much excitement, early nite tonite...and sweet dreams...:)

Bread & Boxers is a great young brand from Sweden. Their underwear is fresh like bread, top quality and well priced. 

Boxers @ € 19,95

Please read more about it @