Blankets in May...?

It's mid-May...and temperatures are droping to 11 degrees this week. Too cold for this time of year!! Not OK!

Luckily northbound store has great cotton blankets from Sweden to keep you warm in the evenings...just throw it over your shoulders or lay it over your lap and enjoy the chilly evening even longer! The blankets are made of 100% brushed cotton and it feels sooo incredibly soft! They will warm you up...but not too sweating, yuck! No...the cotton is light and 'breathes'. Sigh!

Fabulous Goose is a Swedish company founded on a desire to live a life with qual­ity. And quality is not based on looks alone, but rather on a fusion between design, production ethics, and safe authen­tic materials.

Materials and manufacturing are sustainable with a local production in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Fabulous Goose is all about fun, multitude, open minds, smartness, and above all great design at a fair price for all of us! Enjoy...

Look 'm up in our webshop!

Anouk to the finals, FREE SHIPPING on ByBillgren jewelry

What a performance! So simple yet so complete. Well played! And even better performed.

Anouk flew us into the finals of the Eurovision contest. 

Of course I would have LOVED to have seen her on stage with the stunning Bird Nest necklace, or any other piece, by the Malmö based Swedish jewelry designer, ByBillgren. But her choice to keep it clean and black, is respected.

When I read the VOGUE NL article online today, which zoomed in on what she was wearing yesterday, my hope that she might wear the necklace Saturday...was crushed instantly. The article ended with...'Saturday she will wear the same outfit'.

Anyway, still I want to offer you, as northbound follower, something 'with love from the nordics'

Until Saturday, until the end of the Eurovision Song contest...FREE SHIPPING on all pieces by ByBillgren.

...because ByBillgren makes one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces which are elegant with a raw edge...and because he is from Malmö. And, because he's NEW in The Netherlands. Get it at the first shop in NL: northbound!

Check out the all of his pieces in our webshop. YOUR DISCOUNT CODE IS: ByBillgren

The Swedish designer Johan Billgren, based in Malmö, creates unique jewellery with raw and worn design that gives the ultimate and trendy feeling. The mix of brass, leather and Swarovski crystals with inspiration and impressions from different parts of the world combined with exiting adventures, gives expressions to the jewellery.

Eurovision nerves and great jewelry

Eurovision Song contest is this week!


Well, hell yes! Coz a whole different wind is blowing in the Eurovision City of Malmö, Sweden. A fierce and refreshing wind from the Dutch coastal city of The Hague. ANOUK ! Representing us Dutchies!

And I dig her! She's from my hometown, same age, hard working lady...and a great performer. Her voice just burst through in all her songs. Rocky tunes or ballads.

Tomorrow is the start of the Eurovision carousel...! Excited, proud, nervous! But, more exciting will be...will she be wearing jewelry by this great Malmo-based jewelry designer? Johan Billgren has a successful jewelry brand, ByBillgren. Many (music) artists wear his designs, national and international. 

Anyway, Johan and I were in contact last month about my first order, exchanging tracking numbers for the delivery etc. And while emailing back and forth, it dawned upon us...there's a deeper meaning to our contact...what if, Anouk, from my home town...singing in his home town...would be wearing his jewelry... .

Great thinking! Well, we think. But, let's see if Anouk wears it! 

Follow it on twitter and Facebook and find out. Click here for northbound's Facebook page (and LIKE it, if you haven't done so!). The twitter account is @northboundstore

The image above, pictures the Birdnest necklace by ByBillgren. Have a look at his other stuff in our online shop!

ByBillgren creates unique jewelry with raw and worn design that gives the ultimate and trendy feeling. The mix of brass, leather and Swarovski crystals with inspiration and impressions from different parts of the world combined with exiting adventures, gives expressions to the jewelry.

Mother's Day...some nordic suggestions!

So, mother's day is approaching. Of course northbound store sells lots of lovely stuff for moms! Great jewelry by Pernille Corydon, lovely wallets by MOO Norway, wonderful (organic) fashion basics by The Baand or Chill Norway...and what about the watches and shades by TRIWA?!

Getting dizzy...not my intention! 

So let's focus on some bigger elements in life...interior stuff! Do you want me to sum it up, or should I just leave you to take a look yourself! If you click here, you'll see all our lovely interior designer stuff from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

But, let me put this special interior accessory brand in the spotlight, KORBO baskets from Sweden!

KORBO makes sturdy design baskets out of steel wire. And just one (long) wire per basket!

The baskets have already been used for decades by fishermen in Sweden. A basket that can withstand all kinds of weather   conditions...wind, rain, snow...

And withstand all your clutter, washing, empty bottles, fire wood or fresh apples from the garden...

Please check out our webshop for further info! All shapes and sizes are listed there. 

And check out the accessories like the inner bottom plate or the planting bag. 

Soon to be added: the laundry bag and useful basket hanger!

May 10, 2013 — Mila Kluen

Bread & Boxers - and a Boy Band...

Ok, so I'm heading straight to my 40's, but totally guilty of a teen age stunt...Encouraged by the 16-year old daughter of my boyfriend, I went on a fan-hunting-mission (with her, of course) to spot...Harry Styles of One Direction. Not bad-looking, I must admit...:)

Anyway, we heard Harry was staying in our home-town, The Hague. We found out which hotel he was staying. Next morning, we hopped on our bicycles...chicks on a mission! Twin-sister, yes also 16, came along. The more, the merrier...

Sunshine and not too many fans around, perfect. AND, we had a great gift. Taken from the northbound store. A nice pair of black boxers, by the Swedish brand, Bread & Boxers. "To Harry...", she wrote. All she could think of next was leaving her twitter name. 


Our reward came the next day. Her twitter account is now followed by Harry Styles and...he gave us proof he received the boxers personally. See his tweet here below. 

And when she called me to inform me about this tweet...yes, I felt 16 again...jumping, screaming...Perhaps too much excitement, early nite tonite...and sweet dreams...:)

Bread & Boxers is a great young brand from Sweden. Their underwear is fresh like bread, top quality and well priced. 

Boxers @ € 19,95

Please read more about it @

May 04, 2013 — Mila Kluen

Matthew Langille

Recently Matthew Langille, NY based illustrator, posted a link to on his facebookpage.

A real honor, coz we really love his work! Two nordic brands that we sell use his illustrations on their designs: Fabulous Goose from Sweden and The Baand, from Denmark.

Matthew has already made a name for himself working with some of the best-known global fashion houses and design firms around the world, such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Swatch, Haviana's, Victoria's Secret etc.

@ northbound store you can see his designs when clicking on Fabulous Goose or The Baand

Fabulous goose offers us great pillows and blankets, with illustrated designs by Matthew. It's called the Wild Things collection. The Predator blanket sounds quite scary...but when you see the owls on that super soft blanket, you just want to cuddle into it. And the pillows...they're just pure FUN to have on your favorite couch. Big Booty Mouse, or mr. Fly Guy...such humorous and expressive characters!

The Baand offers us super comfortable fashion basics of 100% organic cotton from Peru. An honest product, with great designs! Let's meet Philbert...he's the manager of The Baand on Tour. And, yes, he's got it all under control...being an old rocker himself. Matthew Langille made Philbert come to life through his marker. Be a fan, get Philbert @ northbound store!

We hope to see lots more by Matthew Langille! northbound will follow his designs for our nordic neighbors!

In the meantime, follow northbound on Facebook. Like us!

May 01, 2013 — Mila Kluen

Introducing...from Norway: MOO!

The brands @ northbound are never dull, normal or highly commercial...No, they're authentic, honest companies driven by inspirational designers who are dead serious about their work, but with a big unpretentious fun factor.

So, let's meet Karianne! The designer of MOO Norway. Karianne didn't just want to design bags. She fell in love with leather first. And remembering how she always got annoyed not being able to find a nice laptop bag, she decided to combine her love for leather and her quest to make herself a laptop bag. Sounds simple, but it's been a journey! In Argentina she knew she would find the best leather, but to find the quality, the honest craftsmanship and the specific softness and sturdy look of the leather...that didn't just happen overnight.

But, here she is know! 8 years in the business. Creating the most beautiful and fun designs of stunning quality. MOO bags will grow old with you, becoming more beautiful every year. 

And, important for us, it's an honest product. Hand made, dyed with vegetable tannins and made of leather from happy cows! Karianne likes to emphazise that. She has personalized some of the cows. Carmen, Angelica, Carlos...they're not shy to tell their story. Come and see them in our Pop-Up store! Also, the bags all refer to something Cowy: the Sassy Cow, the Quick Fix Cow. FUN!

April 26, 2013 — Mila Kluen


And there it was...a dot on the horizon. Or maybe a couple of dots, that came together to form...the concept of northbound. A place where beautiful, fresh and unpretentious design from the nordics was to be united. Unique and fun fashion and lifestyle design. 

with love from the nordics

In the coldest March month ever, I decided to go for it. 'Let's set up a webshop', where everything could come together online. Helped by the beautiful templates and software of MyShopify I worked day and night, week days and weekends. It was fun, but getting serious now...Friends and family had a hard time catching up...but I'd chosen my path...and it was heading north!

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference."


As I'm posting this first blog, my site hasn't even gone online...but soon will. And when it does, read my short story about northbound.

with love...

March 21, 2013 — Shopify