Bread & Boxers


How it all started

One early morning in 2008 two friends woke up in a hotel room on the other side of the Atlantic. Their baggage had been lost the night before and the only clothing offered was the ones from yesterday. Although this morning did not start out very well, it turned out to be the morning that Bread & Boxers was born and a whole different journey was about to begin.

Bread & Boxers started as an extension of the mini bar, a life saver for light travelers, or if you will, room service at its best. After a successful launch of a line of new underwear favorites, including boxers, panties and socks, accessible in hotel rooms, guests started to ask if they could find their new favorite underwear in stores closer to them. We listen closely to our customers and therefore, since the spring of 2011, an extended collection with everyday basics for men can be found in selected stores throughout Europe with more to come.


We want simpler, better alternatives for everyday basics. Being part of the everyday routine, getting great underwear, should be as simple as picking up the morning bread. After all, the things we wear everyday matter more than the things we wear only once in a while.

V-Neck €29.90
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Crew Neck Loose
Crew Neck Loose €29.90
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