Carla Cederlund

Carla Cederlund's focus is...scarves, scarves, scarves! Super elegant and beautifully designed scarves of silk satin. We are in LOVE with them.

Carla moved to Amsterdam a few years ago, a city that inspires her every day. We are proud to have her here! #Sweden #scarves #silk

Carla: "My silk scarves will give you a feeling of something contemporary yet timeless. Your scarf can be used all year round, for your everyday life and special occasions.
When I design new scarves there is always a hidden story in the patterns, it could be a love story, a scent of perfume or a beloved toy. Now it´s your time to add your story to the scarf..."

Chameleon scarf
Chameleon scarf Currently out of stock - €99.90
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Zelda scarf
Zelda scarf €109.90
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Hide Out scarf
Hide Out scarf €119.90
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