Fabulous Goose

Fabulous Goose is a Scandinavian company founded on a desire to live a life with qual­ity. The firm belief that quality is not based on looks alone, but rather on a fusion between design, production ethics, and safe authen­tic materials, were the fundamental building blocks that started Fabgoose.

Fabulous Goose was created in 2009 as homage to the self-confident but unpretentious goose from The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgerson, by Selma Lagerlöf.

The goose adapts to his surroundings by spreading his wings, seeking out the best place to be. And his travels already took him to many countries outside Scandinavia.

We seek out the best in our products and part­ners, choosing consciously what we want to commit to.

Production takes place in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, as a close collaboration with the production sites is our 2nd core value. Creat­ing a synergy between our innovative approach and the knowledge and experience of our part­ners is vital.

We always look for news, find it and interpret it into natural and gracefully designed Scan­dinavian products. Therefore we seek collabo­rations with some of the best designers of our time.

Fabulous Goose is all about fun, open minds, confidence in great partners, unpretentious­ness, and above all great quality and design at a fair price for all!

Scandinavian Innovation & Design is for every­body that shares the values of high standards on both quality, in any sense, and outstanding design, with Fabulous Goose!

Bambi blanket soft pink/petrol
Bambi blanket soft pink/petrol €65.00
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Bambi blanket aqua/nature
Bambi blanket aqua/nature €65.00
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Bambi blanket blue/light blue
Bambi blanket blue/light blue €65.00
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Bambi blanket beige/natural
Bambi blanket beige/natural €65.00
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Big Booty Mouse pillow
Big Booty Mouse pillow Currently out of stock - €119.90
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Mr. Fly Guy pillow
Mr. Fly Guy pillow €119.90
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Blanket 'Frozen'
Blanket 'Frozen' €99.90 €119.90
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Blanket 'Mist'
Blanket 'Mist' €125.00
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Fox Tail blanket
Fox Tail blanket €119.90
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Fox Tail blanket small
Fox Tail blanket small €65.00
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Greenland Gang Blanket
Greenland Gang Blanket Currently out of stock - €119.90
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Predator blanket
Predator blanket €99.90
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Circus Bear Blanket
Circus Bear Blanket €65.00
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Sea World Blanket - Baby
Sea World Blanket - Baby €59.90
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