The creative thinking behind all FINNSDOTTIR products are nurtured by the contrasts of Nordic living, with its dark cold winters and bright warm summer nights, it’s deep silent lakes and strong ocean streams.
Our designs are born from the wild and diverse Nordic spirit. Neatly handcrafted, giving a unique touch to each individual piece. FINNSDOTTIR designs are made to mix and match or to complement your existing interior, making it easy for you to express your personal style. Nordicly wild – tamed by craft. 
Winter Story - Bambi
Winter Story - Bambi €35.00
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Winter Story - Fox
Winter Story - Fox €35.00
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Winter Story - Big Bear
Winter Story - Big Bear €55.00
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Winter Story - Forest
Winter Story - Forest €55.00
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Four Elements White
Four Elements White €65.00
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Four Elements Grey
Four Elements Grey €65.00
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Four Elements Black
Four Elements Black €65.00
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Samsurium Polaris
Samsurium Polaris €32.50
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