W/W Carafe

The new carafe is called WW, which stands for ‘water’ and ‘wine’, as it can be used to serve a variety of beverages. When serving water or soft drinks from the W/W carafe, the rubber seal and stainless steel breathing device prevent ice and garnishes, such as fruits and herbs, from splashing into the glasses.

The W/W carafe is crafted from mouth-blown glass with an silicon seal that is friction-fitted over a stainless steel ‘breather’ component. The set of four mouth-blown glasses stack inside the neck of the carafe for easy storage and transportation to the table.

Product Information
Size: Carafe, H: 20,5cm D: 11,5cm. Material: Mouth blown soda-lime glass, stainless steel and silicone


Benjamin Hubert Ltd has designed W/W, a new wine breather-carafe and stackable glasses. The challenge was to create a product with a visually dramatic wine breathing process to develop Menu’s portfolio of wine accessories.

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