Pernille Corydon

Scandinavian simplicity inspired by geometric shapes characterizes the work of Pernille Corydon. The Danish designer creates distinct, modern jewellery stripped of excess. What 
remains is a pure and feminine expression that matches women of
all ages from all parts of the world.

Born in 1976 Pernille Corydon grew
up in the small beautiful town of Kerteminde on the Danish island of Fyn. Pernille Corydon’s interest in crafts showed at an early age, and through the years her unique talent became more and more evident. 
In 2008 Pernille Corydon started 
focusing on designing jewellery, that she produced by hand herself. To begin with her designs were sold only through her own design shop in her current hometown Haderslev in Southern Denmark. However, it soon became clear that her distinctive design had potential for more. The basis for the design company Pernille Corydon Jewellery had been created.

The jewelery is created in classic materials such as silver, gold plated silver and semi-precious stones and comply with Danish statutory release of nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury. The oxidized jewelry will eventually becomes brighter. Silver and gold plated silver can oxidize over time and can be cleaned in silver-gold's.


Icon earring
Icon earring €57.00
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Icon Short necklace
Icon Short necklace €69.00
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Icon necklace
Icon necklace €89.90
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Shadow earhooks
Shadow earhooks €63.00
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Tango earsticks
Tango earsticks €57.00
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Horizon creoles
Horizon creoles €63.00
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Horizon earchain
Horizon earchain €63.00
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Circle earsticks
Circle earsticks €34.90
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Ocean ring
Ocean ring €57.00
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Coast ring
Coast ring €49.00
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Wave ring
Wave ring €43.00
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Ocean hoops
Ocean hoops €69.00
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Coast earsticks
Coast earsticks €49.00
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Coast necklace
Coast necklace €69.00
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Daylight earring
Daylight earring €57.00
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Daylight necklace
Daylight necklace €89.90
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Daylight Short necklace
Daylight Short necklace €69.00
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Mini Coin necklace
Mini Coin necklace €57.00
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Multi Coin Ring
Multi Coin Ring €57.00
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Mini Coin creoles
Mini Coin creoles €57.00
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Mini Coin Ring
Mini Coin Ring €34.95
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Beta earstick
Beta earstick €49.00
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Opal earsticks
Opal earsticks €39.00
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Alliance Bracelet
Alliance Bracelet €69.00
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