Open Coin Earstick


The Open Coin earsticks are simple circle earrings, with an elegant look. We love them!

Open Coin is a classic and stylish collection. Use them alone or combined with other simple designs.
Open Coin Stick size: 16 mm
Scandinavian simplicity inspired by geometric shapes characterizes the work of Pernille Corydon. The Danish designer creates distinct, modern jewellery stripped of excess. What 
remains is a pure and feminine expression that matches women of
 all ages from all parts of the world.

The jewelery is created in classic materials such as silver, gold plated silver and semi-precious stones. The stones can not tolerate chemicals, but can be cleaned with clean water.

The oxidized jewelry to wear and tear and eventually becomes brighter. Silver and gold plated silver oxidizes over time and can be cleaned in silver-gold's.

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