Tala is a young lighting brand with a mission to create exquisite  products that have a positive impact.
Guided by the founding promise of Conservation Through Beauty, Tala wants to accelerate the low carbon economy with thoughtful product design and transparent practices. The company was founded ​by four friends at the University of Edinburgh  with a shared passion for design, technology and sustainability.
Tala's distinctive design rubric combines classic decorative qualities, industrial influences and pioneering ​LED technology. What makes a Tala bulb unique is its ​uncompromising focus on ​both design and sustainability.

Voronoi II LED
Voronoi II LED €149.90
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Voronoi I LED
Voronoi I LED €99.90
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Porcelain III LED
Porcelain III LED €44.90
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Porcelain II LED
Porcelain II LED €29.90
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Zion 6 Watt LED
Zion 6 Watt LED €44.90
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Gaia 6 Watt LED
Gaia 6 Watt LED €44.90
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Elva 6 Watt LED
Elva 6 Watt LED €32.00
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Minerva 6 Watt LED
Minerva 6 Watt LED €44.90
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