Norm Wine Coolbreather

The beautiful and stylish bottle shaped Cool Breather is designed to integrate the aeration of the wine as part with the joyful sensation of well-tasting white wine. Place the wine bottle on the table and attach the carafe to the bottleneck. Turn the bottle and carafe over to experience the bobbling sound of the wine aerating through the neck and down the carafe.

Sommelier Tim Vollerslev, “The different layers of important parts of the bouquet as well as some of the hidden flavours in the wine have been locked down in the wine bottle and the short and easy aeration process will allow you to experience all of the white wines finest details”.

The integrated and re-usable cooling stick keeps the white wine refreshingly cold without using ice cubes or ice buckets. The cooling stick contains water and is designed to easily go into the freezer and back in the carafe again – ready to keep the white wine tasty and chilled.

Designers: Norm Architects
Copenhagen-based simplicity lovers. Currently engaged as scouters, designers and all round advisors at MENU. 

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