Glass MAT - NUPO square


The NUPO Glass MAT is a soft leather coaster. Available in wonderful earthly pastel colors. It gives that warm and modern twist to any interior.

The NUPO collection uses a new processing method to turn the recycled leather into a smooth organic material with a matte look.

The combination of recycled leather and natural rubber latex strengthens the natural abilities of the materials. Thus, this coaster is both water resistant, easy to clean and tough.

To LINDDNA, style, design and quality are strongly linked - so whether you are using the coaster on the living room table, dining room table or simply letting it grace your patio furniture on a hot summer’s day, you are sure to make the best of it.

This glassMAT is designed to fit your particular needs. Use it for your glass, but also for your candles, wine bottles etc.

Delivery time: 2 to 14 days (stock may vary)

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