Handle hooks


Brand stillst
The handle hooks are made from reclaimed wooden handles and rods. Traces of use and exposure to natural elements have given each piece of wood a unique surface. Contrasting, pristine wood becomes visible where the hook is cut and carved out. The hooks can be used for a variety of things: towels, coats, hats, scarves etc. Each set contains a mix of three, differently weathered hooks. The variation of their patina makes them look good either neatly lined up or just positioned randomly. The hooks have an inserted hanger bolt and metric plug by which they can be mounted to the wall. Just pre-drill with 8 mm, insert the plug and fasten the hook. Maximum load per hook is 2 kg. Please note that these hooks are only suitable for solid walls or hollow walls with an outer cladding of at least 4 cm thick. Other types of plugs and hanger bolts are needed for hollow walls with a thinner cladding. Please contact the brand to order these.

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