KORBO Bin 16 - Brass



Handmade wire basket! A tradional product from Sweden.

In the old days used by farmers and fishermen, as the baskets withstand weather, wind, wear and tear! Sturdy enough for you?

Bin 16 was introduced early 2014, as the smallest size in the BIN series. And in 2016 they added the Bin 16 in Brass! So elegant.
For the smaller corners in the house it's a handy size to throw some kitchen stuff in, or toys, stationary,...you name it. And use the colorful basket hangers to get it off the floor!

Acid-proof stainless steel contains nickel and molybdenum that together with steel form an alloy which is completely stainless. Unlike galvanized wire, acid-proof stainless wire is not just protected on the surface; it is stainless all the way through. The baskets in acid-proof stainless steel have a surface that will remain shiny regardless of environmental exposure.


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