Low Frost Biker Boot

Biker Boot with black woolen lining and ankle height. Super cool, and super warm! The Low Frost Biker Boot are 100% waterproof and can be worn in cold...very cold temperatures (up to -40 degrees Celsius)

But, make sure you order at least a size smaller. They tend to wear quite big...! (so if you're a size 38, order a size 37...or even a 36! Our experience is that they're quite oversized. We all wear two sizes smaller...).

The boots are made with the 100 year experience in rubber boot production by the Finnish company, Nokian. Designed by the Swedish-Finnish Julia Lundsten, who runs her progressive shoe company FINSK in London, UK. The result is this fun, practical and long-lasting rubber boot. A must have, come rain...come shine...

Handmade, 100% natural rubber


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