Perfection Jeans

Revolutionary and Urban, Rocky and Stylish, Black and Elegant...that sort sums up these awesome black jeans by Riga/Latvia based denim label,   One Wolf! The jeans wear regular fit, with a pinch of elastine.

Sizes are jeans sizes: width/length (for example 29/30). Sometimes people fit a size bigger, so perhaps the sizes are not 'Nordic' cut...? Who knows. Come to our shop, if you can!

One Wolf delivers the best quality and confidence in contemporary denim base fashion. Our mission is more than just designing clothes that look and feel great. Rather, we seek to encourage alternative ways of thinking and empower a positive change and new experience by inspiring our community through fashion.

We practise what we preach - being receptive to new concepts, One Wolf creates Premium Jeanswear, based on innovative design. Unique cutting and styling, the emphasis being put on refreshing details, curved lines and distinct silhouette – you can find it all blended in our trousers!

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